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Hilldrop Records Compilation 'We Can Be Friends'

Image of Hilldrop Records Compilation 'We Can Be Friends'

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Hilldrop Compilation – We Can Be Friends
Released – 28/08/09
Format – CD/Digital
Track Listing –

1. Dcy – NeiaD
2. Primrose – Waves Break Red Saga
3. Turn Around – 39
4. Serve Yourself – Small Engine Repair
5. Prologue Monologue – Little Sea Monsters
6. In Awe Of Dub – Brian Park
7. Breaking Sea Saloon – Bella Took
8. Say Good Luck – Oliver Wilde
9. Sonnet Of London – Zoe Mead
10. Marie By William – Lucas Wilde
11. Be A Child Again – Anna Page Feat. Richard Davies
12. After Ford - March Of The Union

The first compilation record from Hilldrop Records offering the chance to sample a range of artists close to the label.

“Compilations with as much strength and depth as these deserve a great deal of credit” *****Artrocker Magazine