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Hilldrop Records Compilation 'An Upward Artful Scarp'

Image of Hilldrop Records Compilation 'An Upward Artful Scarp'

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Hilldrop Records - An Upward Artful Scarp

Format CD/Digital

Track Listing:

1. Eddie Halliday - Dust
2. Little Sea Monsters - Backbones
3. Vernes Ende - Just Say 'Oh Well'
4. The Hand - If He Did Go
5. Oliver Wilde - Pinch
6. Will Cookson - Autumn Song
7. The Worrisome Ankletrout - Parpy Tuft
8. Mathew Kilford - Fire On My Shoulder
9. Ursine Vulpine - Part VI (Valhalla Rising)
10. Flake Brown - The Scorpion Coughs
11. Middstream Splitt - On This Morning
12. Dry The River - Family Tree
13. Lucas Wilde - Cheering Eucalyptus
14. Green As A Primary - Crafnant
15. Nicholas Stevenson - Night Swimming

OUT NOW the "Beautiful, mindblowing collection of eclectic artists and up and coming talents from the bravest label you will meet this year..." (Subba-Cultcha)

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